ToneHound Fifty-Five Jr.
• Hollow spruce body
• Metal drop top
• THH55 humbucker w/coil tap
• Maple neck, Rosewood fingerboard
• Waverly tuners
• Aluminum wrap around bridge
ToneHound Fifty-Seven
• Hollow mahogany body
• Metal drop top, etched flame
• Mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard
• THH57 alnico pickups
(vintage med.output)
• Switchable active/passive tone circuit
Welcome to ToneHound Guitars........ We are a custom shop with our own ideas and innovations. Guitar building really is a sum of all its parts and small details do make a difference. Many of our guitars are hollow body and are constructed with humidity controlled tone woods for instrument stability and resonance. We offer various "soundboards" to this recipe including spruce, maple. and cedar.. Of course our favorite soundboards are metal !!! Our "TinTop" guitars offer just the right tones for that greasy edge. Very unique and available only from ToneHound Guitars.

ToneHound Fifty-Seven demo.... direct input through amp simulator, no effects. Passive and active switching (bass / treble controls)
Candy apple red brass top, flame graphics. Matching Class A 6V6, 3 Eminence 10" combo amp.
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Dreyspringstr. 18
77933 Lahr
Tel: 0171-9489296
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90 Second Website Builder 90 Second Website Builder
• Spruce hollow body
• 60's spec 1 pce. maple neck
• Rosewood fingerboard, Kluson tuners
• TH52 alnico pickup set
• Aged finish and hardware

TinTop T with contoured metal top
Vintage T  "Prototype"
  • Spruce hollow body
  • 40+ yr. old spruce top
  • 50's spec 1 pce maple neck
  • Aged hardware and nitrocellulose finish
Vintage S
TinTop T
TinTop TD